Axcor Wash 300

Clay Paky

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Axcor Wash 300

The new Axcor 300 family of moving LED fixtures brings Claypaky’s no-compromise quality and performance to the broad mid-market. The range consists of a spot light, a wash light and a beam light, all driven by a white LED engine with a rated power of up to 180 Watts. The quality of their effects, their construction, and their high light output derive from the high-end products Claypaky specializes in.

  • ArtikelnummerA16468
  • TillverkareClay Paky
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The AXCOR WASH 300 has a 140mm front PC lens and linear 5.5° - 42° zoom. Producing colors is its speciality: it is fitted with all the components you need to produce any shade of color you desire, with a light diffusion uniformity comparable to higher-end models.


• Source: 180W White LED engine (7000 K)
• Ø 140mm PC front lens
• 5.5°-42° Linear Zoom
• CMY system on wheels
• One color wheel with 9 colors (including 1 CTO filter)
• Rotating Ovaliser beam
• 16-bit Electronic Dimmer with 4 curves
• Electronic strobe@24 f/sec

Teknisk specifikation
  • Tillverkarens art. nr C61735
  • Tillverkare Clay Paky
  • Ljuskälla Led
  • Strömförbrukning (Watt) 180
  • Spridning Min 5.5
  • Spridning Max 42
  • Funktion CMY