Axcor Profile 400 6500K CRI 70

Clay Paky

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Axcor Profile 400 6500K CRI 70

With the AXCOR PROFILE 400, Claypaky has revolutionized the medium power market, by offering a light which is able to pack all the most advanced lighting, mechanical and electronic features into an extraordinarily compact body: less than 65 cm high!

It fits a 300 W white LED engine, available in two versions: with high output 6500K color temperature, or - alternatively - with 5600K color temperature and a CRI of around 90.

Among the exceptional features this compact LED light offers are a framing system that works on four focal planes, an effects section with an animation wheel, a complete color system with linear CTO, and a high precision mechanical iris. The Axcor Profile 400 is extremely quiet, and has three operating modes, which can be chosen according to needs: Silent, Standard and Auto.

  • ArtikelnummerA16461
  • TillverkareClay Paky
  • Leverans:

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Source: 300W White LED Module
Versions available:
- CRI: at least 70, CT 6500K (Axcor Profile 400)

Ø 125mm Frontal lens
6°-42° linear Zoom
CMY + Linear CTO
One Color Wheel with 6 Colors
One Rotating Gobo Wheel with 7 Gobos
Rotating 4-facet prism
Animation wheel
Motorized framing system with 4 focal planes
Mechanical Iris
Frost filter
16-bit Electronic Dimmer with 4 curves
Electronic strobe @25 f/sec.
Three different fan ventilation modes (STD - AUTO - SLN)
Weight: about 25 Kg (55.11 lbs)

Teknisk specifikation
  • Tillverkarens art. nr C61769
  • Tillverkare Clay Paky
  • Ljuskälla Led
  • Strömförbrukning (Watt) 300
  • Spridning Min 6
  • Spridning Max 42
  • Funktion Animationshjul, CMY, Spadpaket, Zoom