"Lights, Camera, Action!" is old-school. Nowadays, the lighting sometimes is the action, and that requires new technologies, new tools, and new methods to get it done on time, reliably, under budget. That's where Enttec comes in. We make the tools yo...

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Winner of LDI best debuting product, all the features of DMX USB Pro plus 2 DMX ports, Midi IN, OUT and standalone mode. Stylish machined aluminium box
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Control Lights from your computer
Connect your favorite supported control software to your lights. The next generation of USB interfaces is here, smaller footprint yet more features : 2 universe (1024 channels), MIDI IN/OUT¹ and Standalone operation.
Most powerful CPU
Newly designed electronics with a CPU 6 times faster than the previous generation, guarantees no delays or drop outs to your lights even under heavy use.
Attention to detail
The custom designed and precisely CNC machined aluminium box gives the product outstanding durability for on the road use. The deep black, tough anodized finish, makes it the best looking device in its class.
Un-paralleled connectivity
Two fully isolated DMX/RDM outputs or inputs can control up to 1024 channels. Optional MIDI In/Out¹ connectors allow integration with showcontrol systems, or MIDI keyboards & surfaces. No need to carry multiple devices; the DMX USB Pro Mk2 does it all.
Standalone playback
Standalone mode allows you to store your light show inside the DMX USB Pro MK2 and play it back without connecting your PC. Ultra reliable, the inbuilt memory allows recording of full 512 channel light show. This feature is ideal for architectural, retail and display applications.
Outstanding control software
Windows PC and Apple OSX, D-PRO is the official supported control software for the DMX USB Pro MK2.
Fully backward-compatible with all software titles that support DMX USB PRO
Dual, fully independent, DMX ports each with full RDM capability
MIDI¹ input and output ports
Package includes micro USB cable and break out cable (DMX only)
Standalone operation for unattended replay of 512 channel lighting shows
One firmware version supports all features
Aesthetically slim-profile, machined aluminium box
True 1500V isolation separating all DMX ports from each other (protect your computer and each data line from surges)
Internal frame buffering (preserve data integrity when computer is busy)
Utilizes the FTDI chipset, (compatible with Windows, OSX, Linux etc.)
Stores configuration and user data in EEPROM
Refresh rate configurable from 1 to 40Hz
Break time configurable from 96uS to 1.3mS
MaB time configurable from 10.6uS to 1.3mS
Upgradeable firmware
Security / software protection API
¹ MIDI : MIDI breakout cable sold separately .

Recommended App: D-PRO

D-PRO 2U is a software based lighting controller which plays well with a host of different professional level hardware devices from ENTTEC.
includes D-PRO Player, a touch screen firendly interface to easily control your cues.
An OSC controller (such as TouchOSC) can be used to remotely control D-Pro.
Windows and Mac OSX compatible
Recommended 3rd Party Apps
The following apps support the extended features of the Pro2
Capture Atlas Windows
Freestyler Windows
LightFactory Windows
Lightforge Windows
Lightkey Mac OSX
Martin M-PC Windows
QLC + Win / Mac / Linux
Resolume Arena Win / Mac / Linux
Show Cue Systems Windows
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