Neutral-Pro MD Haze fluid 5L


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Neutral-Pro MD Haze fluid 5L

Solid fog liquids made in Sweden. The soft water for all our water base liquids is collected from the lake of Yngen near our factory in Filipstad, located in the heart of Wermland county, Sweden. We use the finest glycols only, of food or medical grade. We use ultraviolet light to prevent mold growth within the fluid, instead of using chemicals which is the common practice. All fluids are produced & bottled in-house by Swefog.

Available in standard 5 & 25 litre canister, 200 litre drum & 1,000 litre IBC container.
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Creates a medium-light density haze with medium-long hang time. Top-selling liquid, very useful for most venues, indoor and outdoor. Made for use in standard fog & haze generators with heat exchanger. Compatible with most machines on the market, made for water/glycol base fluid.
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