En av våra mest efterfrågade funktioner är nästan här! Snart kommer CueServer 2 att kunna ta emot en SMPTE-tidskods för att trigga moment och andra händelser.

Beta version finns att ladda ner här: http://interactive-online.com/cs2/

Version 2.1.0 adds a suite of SMPTE Timecode features to CueServer 2.
• Major Features
• New SMPTE Timecode
• Editor Window
• Feature A new Timecode Event Editor has been added to the Triggers section.
• CueScript
• Feature A new SMPTE command has been added that allows the current timecode to be set, cleared, started, and stopped. Additionally the SMPTE command can also be used to enable or disable the external SMPTE Timecode Audio input and control internal generation of timecode.
• Settings
• Feature A new Timecode panel in General settings allows external SMPTE Timecode audio input processing to be enabled or disabled, and also to set a threshold for jumping over or fast-forwarding through discontinuous time periods.
• Status
• Feature A new Timecode panel in the System Status area displays the live timecode along with internal generation and external input indicators. The current dBFS scale of the audio input is displayed as well.
• Audio
• Feature A new Audio Input processor is included that can receive and decode incoming Linear Timecode (LTC) signals.