EXE Rise D8+ 8:1 Direct Control 500kg 4m/min


The new EXE-RISE complies with BGV-D8 and igvw SQ P2 codes of practice. It is a 100% Made in Italy electric chain hoist. Each single component of the main body is manufactured in Italy. Steel chain comes from Germany and complies with the strictest D...

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EXE Rise D8+ 8:1 Direct Control 500kg 4m/min

EXE Rise 500kg Direct Control D8 8:1 Double brake

Without chain and chainbag.



Every single component of the EXE-Rise hoist body is
manufactured in Italy. The high grade Lifting chain is
coming from Germany and complies with the strictest
EN and DIN standards relating to lifting in the ntertainment
The EXE-Rise clutch system is located outside the load
path. The DC brakes give a real instant response to
electrical impulses thanks to a unique component
specifically created for us.
The 5-pocket load wheel, helical gears with dynamic
lubrication and the precise luminium chain guide make
the EXE RISE series one of the quietest on the market.
Available in Direct control and Low Voltage control versions,
the EXE-RISE complies with EN 14492-2 and German
BGV-D8 regulations and IGVW SQP2 code of practice.

  • Model D8 8:1

  • Working Load Limit (WLL) 500kg/1102lbs

  • Lifting Speed 4m/min / 13ft/min @50Hz

  • Motor Power 0.8kW

  • Operating Voltage Δ/Y 230/400VAC - 3 - 50Hz

  • 3 ph Δ 230VAC – Y 400VAC Δ 3.93 A – Y 2.27 A

  • Type of Control Direct Control

  • Revolution Per Minute 1400

  • Falls of Chain 1

  • Load Wheel 5 pockets

  • Protection Class IP55

  • FEM Classification 2m

  • Duty Factor of Motor 40%

  • Starts Per Hour 240

  • Connection Cable Length 1m / 3.3ft

  • Δ Power Supply Connector (*) CEE 16A 9h 230VAC – 3PH + G blue plug

  • Y Power Supply Connector CEE 16A 6h 400VAC – 3PH + G red plug

  • Control Supply Connector Not Provided

  • Noise Level 67.5 db @ full load

  • DC Brake System 2

  • DC Brake Size 08

  • DC Brake Power 25W

  • DC Brake Operating Voltage 105VDC

  • DC Brake Rated Torque 8N·m / 5.90 ft·lbs

  • DC Brake Rated Torque Reduction 85%, at the speed specification x % (1500 r/min)

  • Cluth Characteristics Clutch is friction based force-limiter, Clutch outside the line of kinetic movement

  • Limit Switch Not Provided

  • Selfweight ≈ 36.0kg / 79lbs

Chain spesifications

  • Size 6x18mm / 0.24x0.71inch

  • Safety Factor 8:1

  • Selfweight 0.78kg/m /0.52lbs/ft

  • Material Zinc Galvanized Steel grade 80 (DIN EN 818-7)

(*) Δ 230VAC: Only on request, please contact EXE-Technology for more
detailed information

Teknisk specifikation
  • Tillverkarens art. nr 8:1 DIRECT 500KG
  • Tillverkare EXE RISE
  • Funktion D8 , D8+, Direktstyrd, Direktstyrd
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