MT2-03FTP/RTO Sleeveblock för M400 /M520-Folding


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MT2-03FTP/RTO Sleeveblock för M400 /M520-Folding

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The MT2 Tower is designed to work together with the Quick-TrussR M400 and M520 Systems for a large variety of concert stages and other types of outdoor stages. It is also a basic unit of Milos MR3 Roof Systems. Call or e-mail us today for more information or to receive a quote.

  • Heavy-duty 390KT series tower system - 12,5 m (41.0 ft) max height

  • Sleeve block options for M400 & M520 & M950 ranges

  • Reinforced head section with built-in facility for dead-hanging

  • Sleeve block chain hoist connection bracket available

  • Guy wire connection points via extra bolt-on hangers

  • Optional tower helper erecting frame available

  • Short or long outriggers (incl. stabilising brace) available

  • Adjustable base feet with rubber pads for optimal friction

  • Scaffold type base feet available on request

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  • Tillverkarens art. nr MT2-03FTP/RTO
  • Tillverkare Milos