Justerbart podieben 200mm


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Justerbart podieben 200mm

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Xstage is an extremely versatile heavy-duty platform system enabling users to construct large stages in almost any configuration imaginable. The specially designed S8 profile enables the platforms to be combined with Layher, one of the world's leading scaffolding systems, to provide a vast range of products and accessories for all indoor or outdoor stage applications. The comprehensive range of components featured in the S8 range include custom shapes and loading ramps to add perfect form and function to any platform project Call or e-mail us today for more information or to request a quote.

Lightweight platform stage system
Loading upto 750kg/m2
Quick lock leg pocket mechanism for fast & secure assembly
Low weight high strenght
Low profile design with loading upto 750 Kg/m2
TUV approved
Indoor and outdoor surface finish options available
Universal edge connection
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