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DIN-RAIL 4 port DMX/RDS splitter, require 9 ->24V DC power input. Screw terminal based
  • ArtikelnummerA61260
  • TillverkareEnttec
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The DIN-RDS4 is a 4 port DMX/RDM isolated splitter.
It can be used in distributing and isolating DMX/RDM signals. The DIN-RDS4 fully complies to the RDM ANSI E1.20 standard.

4 output DMX ports on 3 way screw connectors
1 input DMX on 3 way screw connector
Status LED
DMX activity led
RDM activity led
standard 4 module wide din
rail enclosure
Operating 0
>50 ambient
Teknisk specifikation
  • Tillverkarens art. nr 71004
  • Tillverkare Enttec