DSR10IP DMX-splitter 10-vägs Terminal IP65


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DSR10IP DMX-splitter 10-vägs Terminal IP65

DSR10IP IP65 DMX Splitter /Booster

  • 10 channel IP65 waterproof DMX splitter/booster

  • Optically isolated outputs 1000V, amplification on each output

  • 2 x LED indicators of DMX line state for each output

  • Transparent cover for easy troubleshooting

  • IP65 plastic box 278x278x130mm - without PG's and connected cable

  • IO glands PG13.5, cable 6-12mm - can be delivered other size on request

  • Snap in Screw Terminals


  • AC power supply 100-255V, 50-60Hz, 15W

  • Weight 1.8kg

  • Temperature of use -20/+40C

  • Wireless DMX later add option

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  • TillverkareSRS
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DSR10-IP, IP65 10-way DMX Splitter Splitter

DSR10-IP is designed to fulfill all the requirements for most lighting applications in hard environment – especially water fountains, custom LED designs and other scenarios where high IP rating is required. It is equipped with a full-range power supply for wide voltage/frequency spectrum. This splitter can optionally be powered via DC5V power supply in DC operation.

The other benefit of DSR10-IP is a clear box for easy debugging of the DMX line status. Each line driver is equipped with a separate data check system to provide complete information about the DMX line state. Snap-in screw terminals are used for easy connection of input cable.

 IP65 plastic body with transparent cover 
DMX input/thru 
10-way fully optically isolated 1000V 
Separate line driver + data signalization on each line
• Maximum of 1200m cable per output
• Maximum of 32 devices per output 
Easy to check status on each line with signalization LEDs 
Optional Wireless DMX

DMX/W-DMX input with THRU output

Power supply
AC 100-255V / 40-65Hz, 15W

Dimension, weight
Plastic ABS enclosure, 278x278x130mm /without PGs/, 1.9kg

Teknisk specifikation
  • Tillverkarens art. nr 910019
  • Tillverkare SRS
  • In Terminal
  • Ut Terminal
  • Styrsignal DMX, W-DMX