HIGH OUTPUT 4000K 14.64w/m (1385lm/m) COMMERCIAL GRADE LED TAPE 10M 24


"Lights, Camera, Action!" is old-school. Nowadays, the lighting sometimes is the action, and that requires new technologies, new tools, and new methods to get it done on time, reliably, under budget. That's where Enttec comes in. We make the tools yo...

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HIGH OUTPUT 4000K 14.64w/m (1385lm/m) COMMERCIAL GRADE LED TAPE 10M 24

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High output white

Thanks to a high output configuration, the maximum output at 4000K is 1385 lumens per metre.

24V Constant Voltage

9CH is ENTTEC’s range of high output 24V white LED tape. Choose from Warm White (3000K), Natural White (4000K), or White (6000K) colour temperatures.

Input current and wattage
Maximum input current rating is 0.61 A per metre which equals 3.05 A for a 5 metre length. 9CH consumes a maximum of 14.64 W per metre, and the maximum continuous length is 9 metres.

Teknisk specifikation
  • Tillverkarens art. nr 9CH2-10
  • Tillverkare Enttec
  • Watt/Meter 14.64
  • Färgtemperatur (K) 4000
  • Färgtemperatur (K) Max 4000
  • Färg Single Color
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