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  • ADB Stagelight

    ADB Stagelight

    ADB was originally  founded in Belgium in 1920  by  Adrien De Backer and it operated as a family owned business until 1987, when it was acquired by the SIEMENS Group.

    At that time ADB had already pioneered some of the key technologies u...Läs mer

  • Amphenol


    Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems. The prima...Läs mer

  • Amphenol Socapex

    Amphenol Socapex

    Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems. The prima...Läs mer

  • Amptown


    Established in 1978, Amptown cases has been manufacturing flight cases to store almost every conceivable kind of equipment for over 30 years.

    They are producing cases in serial production for large customers worldwide. They are also manufa...Läs mer

  • Antari


    Antari has been praising oneself as one of the leading manufacturers specializing in fog machine at all time by constantly pursuing the perfect fog since 1984. The very dedication to quality control and hard driving work ethic formed the foundatio...Läs mer

  • Chamsys


    Vilka vi är

    Belysning är vår passion. Vår önskan har alltid varit att tillverka produkter som vi själva vill använda. Eftersom våra mjukvaruutvecklare själva är ljusdesigners är detta en unik styrka som...Läs mer

  • CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional is the thoughtful, forward-looking choice for Lighting Designers, offering a carefully focused selection of products that open new design possibilities and make it easier to complete quality lighting projects.

    Main app...Läs mer



    Clay Paky is a world level reference brand in the sector of professional lighting systems.

    The wide range of Clay Paky products includes moving body and moving mirror projectors, color-changers, followspots, projectors for architectural li...Läs mer

  • Clear Lighting

    Clear Lighting

    Clear lightning have always focused on LED neon ribbon light and LED crystal ribbon light. In this niche market, their business integrated design, R&D, manufacturing, marketing and customer service. Clear Lightning will not produce full range of L...Läs mer

  • Colors Led

    Colors Led

    Colors Led
  • Doughty


    Doughty erbjuder ett brett sortiment av produkter inom rigging.
  • Dura-Flex


    Dura-Flex™ is the recognized leader in the entertainment cable industry. Our cables and assemblies have changed the face of the industry, making stiff, bulky multi-cables a thing of the past. At Dura-Flex™ we are committed to producing only the b...Läs mer
  • EldoLed


    eldoLED is a world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent drive solutions for LED based lighting systems. Their technologies empower our customers to deliver the promise of LED lighting, smarter, sleeker and more efficient systems to ...Läs mer

  • Enttec


    "Lights, Camera, Action!" is old-school. Nowadays, the lighting sometimes is the action, and that requires new technologies, new tools, and new methods to get it done on time, reliably, under budget. That's where Enttec comes in. We make the tools yo...Läs mer
  • Everdeck


    Everdeck är vår leverantör när det kommer till scenpodier och specialdesignade podier för scen och teater. Deras modeller i serien Versa 750 kombinerar hållbarhet, stabilitet och hållfasthet samtidigt som det är ett väldigt lätt scenpodie...Läs mer


    The new EXE-RISE complies with BGV-D8 and igvw SQ P2 codes of practice. It is a 100% Made in Italy electric chain hoist. Each single component of the main body is manufactured in Italy. Steel chain comes from Germany and complies with the strictest D...Läs mer
  • Interactive


    Interactive Technologies is a world-class producer of professional lighting controls for the Architectural, Entertainment, Stage and Studio markets.

    Their product families include a wide array of stand-alone show playback devices and archi...Läs mer

  • KAGU


    KAGU tillverkar kontakterad DMX-kabel till bra pris och god kvalité.
  • Kupo


    Kupo are one of the leading manufacturers of professional lighting equipment and accessories in entertainment industry. For more than three decades, Kupo has established a well-recognized reputation for quality and innovation. The success of Kupo ...Läs mer

  • Le Maitre

    Le Maitre

    Le Maitre has been designing and manufacturing stage pyrotechnics and smoke and haze machines since 1977. All research, development and manufacturing take place at two UK locations. Smoke, Haze, Flame and other Special Effects Machines are develop...Läs mer

  • Lightmen


    Lightmens sortiment består av noga utvalda produkter från Kinas största OEM-tillverkare. Hög kvalité, service och konkurenskraftiga priser kännetecknar Lightmens produkter.
  • Lite-Puter


    Lite-Puter, established in 1978 in Taiwan, is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional lighting control system. Lite-Puter architectural and entertainment lighting control system have occupied a considerable share in the world market. N...Läs mer

  • Ljuskällor


    Interlite lagerhåller de mest vanligt förekommande ljuskällor. Hittar du inte den du söker är du vänlig att kontakta oss på
  • LSC


    With a 30 year heritage of designing, manufacturing and distributing leading edge Lighting Control Products for the entertainment market worldwide, LSC Lighting Systems has developed a highly regarded reputation for innovation, quality and reliabilit...Läs mer
  • Manfrotto


    In recent years, the advent of digital technology has profoundly changed the photography and video sectors and is creating millions of new photo enthusiasts. Manfrotto has anticipated this trend and is capitalizing on its own experience in order t...Läs mer

  • Milos


    Milos produces a wide range of products and structural solutions with the flexibility to change and adapt to required conditions. Customers are provided with the versatility they need, when they need it. Maximum value of money is delivered with ea...Läs mer

  • Nicolaudie


    Here at Nicolaudie, we manufacture a wide range of cutting edge DMX lighting control software and hardware products using the latest technologies available. We offer control products for both the Entertainment and Architectural lighting markets.Läs mer

  • Portman Lights

    Portman Lights

    We are Portman, a global brand with a passion for stage lighting.
    We design and manufacture professional stage lighting. We create iconic designs, well-known around the world.

    The company founded in Poland in 2016, now has 28 distribu...Läs mer

  • Silverstar


    For 30 years, as one of the world's leading Photoelectric equipment suppliers, Yajiang has been committed to high-power LED lighting and stage performing product development, production and sales. Yajiang already has two well-known brand "Silver S...Läs mer

  • Smoke Genie

    Smoke Genie

    Smoke Genie


    SPROLINK borgar för kvalitet, stabilitet och prisvärdhet där det behövs som mest. Kreativa lösningar hjälper dig som kund att leverera övertygande underhållningsupplevelser. SPROLINK har genom åren skapat en mängd välkända och omtalade...Läs mer

  • SRS


    SRS Light Design focuses on the design and construction of lighting and rigging equipment. Apart from dimmers, splitters, lighting consoles and switch packs, SRS also develops and produces wired and wireless motor controllers and other gear of sta...Läs mer

  • Swefog


    Svensktillverkade Swefog är marknadsledande inom dimmgeneratorer.
  • Titanex


    TITANEX®, based on Greek mythology (Titans = children of the gods), is Nexans’ oldest registered trademark. Dating from 3 April 1953, it is now approaching its 60th anniversary. It covers an entire family of LV flexible rubber cables, which are wi...Läs mer


    Topmet är en tillverkare som erbjuder ett stort utbud av aluminiumprofiler för LED-tejp. Katalogen laddar du ner nedan.

    Läs mer

  • Vertitruss


    Vertitruss är ett företag känt för sin innovation inom scenkonstruktion och evenemangsteknik, särskilt genom deras produkt PinClaw. Vertitruss betonar kvalitet och säkerhet i sina produkter, vilket har gjort dem populära bland yrkesverksam...Läs mer
  • VMB


    For over 25 years VMB have been designing and manufacturing the leading towerlift brand in the World. They have built up an International sales work spanning every continent and have hundreds of satisfied customers all over the World. VMB deliver ...Läs mer