DMX1SW-3 SC Switch 1x16A DMX 3-pin Schuko


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DMX1SW-3 SC Switch 1x16A DMX 3-pin Schuko

DMX / 1 channel relay switch 1x16A, DMX 3pin

  • 1 channel relay switch 1x16A

  • Double pole1P+N

  • Secured with MCB 16A

  • Optical information of switch state /Signal lamp/

  • 2 x LED indicators of DMX line state

  • Small size

  • DIN rail mounting option

  • Output: Schuko

  • ArtikelnummerA62064
  • TillverkareSRS
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DMX / 1 channel relay switch 1x16A, DMX 3pin

DMX1SW-3 SC device allows controlling of 230V/50Hz 16A electrical devices from theatrical light desk via the DMX line. Switching of the output is done via the relays for phase and neutral lines.

• 1-channel switching Phase and Neutral 
• Relay protection for 100A spike 
• Overvoltage protection of DMX input 
• LED indication of DMX line 
• DIP switch for DMX address setting 
• Neutrik®  3-pin connector
• Socket: Schuko

DMX input with TRUE output 
USITT DMX 512 (1990)

Switching output 
1 switching output 230V – 16A, fused with 16A FUSE and optical signalization of active output channel on the top panel by a glow lamp.

Power supply 
AC 230V/ 50Hz, 16A

Temperature of use

Steel housing with powder coating 
110 x 44 x 145 mm

Weight 1.0 kg

XLR 3- pin connector (Neutrik® ) 
Pin 1 Data CMN 
Pin 2 Data - 
Pin 3 Data + 

Teknisk specifikation
  • Tillverkarens art. nr 916010
  • Tillverkare SRS