DSR10AB-5 DMX-splitter 10-vägs 5-pin 19" A/B


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DSR10AB-5 DMX-splitter 10-vägs 5-pin 19" A/B

DSR10AB-5 10way DMX Splitter /Booster wit A/B Switch

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DSR10AB-5 10way DMX Splitter /Booster wit A/B Switch

The DSR10AB 1U DMX splitter provides 10 DMX ports with selection from two DMX inputs. Unit is designed with installers and system integrators in mind. The splitter features a PowerCon power in and full-range power supply which allows worldwide use. All connectors are made by Neutrik and are gold-plated. The input and all output ports are protected by optical isolation. The splitter/booster is safe guarded and the connected equipment is protected against power surges and dangerous ground loops.

• 2x optically isolated input with DATA indication
• 2x 120R termination for each input
• Overvoltage protection of DMX input/output
• 10x optically isolated outputs with input selector switch
• DMX in/output LED indication
• Neutrik 5-pin connectors
• 1U Rack unit
Life-time warranty

DMX input/output 
10xUSITT DMX 512 Each input/output is optically isolated up to 1000V Each output is equipped with LINE driver/booster DMX line state indication with two DATA LEDs

Power supply
AC 100–255VAC / 50-60Hz / 15W PowerCon input, 1.8m cable with UniSchuko

XLR 5-pin connector (Neutrik®)
Pin 1 Data CMN
Pin 2 DATA -
Pin 3 DATA +
Pin 4, 5 NC

Teknisk specifikation
  • Tillverkarens art. nr 910027
  • Tillverkare SRS
  • In PowerCon, XLR 5-P
  • Ut XLR 5-P
  • Styrsignal DMX
  • Montering 19"